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Fees are incurred for processing of your transactions. On this page, you will find everything you need to know about fees.


The verification charge is 100 Diment Dollar (DD) and designed to guarantee that only individuals genuinely interested in creating an account submit their applications. In accordance with relevant regulations, Diment retains the exclusive authority to either accept or reject account applications.

DD Transactions

DD deposit 0% fee

DD withdrawal 0% fee

Fiat Transactions

Fiat deposit 0.15% fee

Fiat withdrawal 0.15% fee

Fiat exchange fee *

Payment Options

Buy DD with cryptocurrencies 0% fee

Buy DD with fiat 0% fee

The content and fees shown on this page could be subject of potential changes in the future. For questions related limits visit our FAQ page.

* This fee can vary according to the exchange value.

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The Diment Dollar is an outstanding digital product that redefines the concept of “value-security” in the financial world by reinventing the present Stablecoin model.


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