Our approach relies on four pillars: research, technology, implementation and risk management. Each operational facet is designed to innovate and secure Diment's position in the market. This comprehensive approach underscores our commitment to blending cutting-edge technology with rigorous research to drive the future of stablecoins with diamonds.


Research is the essence of Diment, recognizing the inherent complexity of the diamond industry. With highly concentrated diamond production and a decentralized, opaque trading environment, we prioritize the creation of reliable information, thanks to our team of experts and seasoned scientists. Utilizing this information, we create unbiased statistical and machine-learning models to develop systematic investment strategies that guarantee DD’s value and stability. At Diment, research is not merely a necessity, it is a passion. Our affiliations with prominent scientific institutions further solidify our commitment to providing a space for experimental research and fostering innovation.


Technology is our backbone as blockchain, automation and industrialized processes are at the core of Diment. It acts as an indispensable support for our research work, which fundamentally depends on large-scale access to massive datasets. It ensures the continuous integration and development of our models and trades on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges while enabling efficient calculations and real-time monitoring of our systems in a secure cloud-based infrastructure.


An integrated and global approach to diamond trading is crucial to ensure the value of DD. We have a unique ecosystem with direct access to the diamond market around the globe. Our team has extensive experience in developing and operating quantitative trading systems, as well as hybrid online-banking services. With a keen eye for detail and a robust foundation in software, machine learning, and cyber security, our team consistently offers ongoing knowledge to optimize our processes.


The goal of our risk management is to ensure the stability of our reserve value and maintain the peg with USD. On top of rigorously following regulatory standards, we perform systematic tests of our strategies before launch and, if necessary, ensure manual intervention in periods of extreme risks such as high market volatility.


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The Diment Dollar is an outstanding digital product that redefines the concept of “value-security” in the financial world by reinventing the present Stablecoin model.


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